Chiropractor, Dr Alex Royce


 Treatment of Adults:

Our treatment mainly consists of chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, massage, flexion distraction and traction.

The chiropractic adjustments are performed on "misaligned " joints to ensure optimal movement and function, thus helping to eliminate pain.

Dry needling is a very effective modality where an acupuncture needle is skillfully placed into the myofascial  trigger point ( knot in the muscle). This effectively releases tightness and spasm in the muscle, thus reducing the muscle pain as well. 

Flexion distraction and traction are often used in patients with disc pathology, nerve impingement and degeneration of the spine to name a few. They create a "traction" effect on the spine which holds many benefits.

Treatment of infants:

Gentle pressure is placed on an infants spine and or cranial bones to release any "misalignments". It is is no way painfull for the babies, they tend to really enjoy their chiropractic sessions!!